Dr Plonk

By day, curer of ills, by night hedonistic creator of delights…
The Good Doctor is a fifth-generation farmer who left the land to study medicine and journeyed full circle to become a grower of wine. Yes, winegrower.
The passion I discovered over the years for drinking wine grew exponentially by watching people make it. Once I started dabbling in the process of winemaking, it reinforced my ground-roots connection with the land. I’m always a farmer, it’s in my blood, growing produce is like breathing to me. My experience came from an adolescence of sheep rearing and cultivating consumables. It’s a good feeling growing what you consume. You can imagine seeing the penny drop…I can grow what I consume; grow the grapes, harvest and crush the fruit, ferment the juice and bottle the wine that will wind up in my glass. Full circle…and the complete epitome of my alter ego. Dr Plonk.
The antithesis of The Good Doctor and the pressures that come with that day job.

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